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    Eating Disorders We Treat

    Our mission is to provide specialized and cost-effective treatment for individuals suffering from eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and ARFID.

    We’re Here to Help.

    Our mission is to provide specialized treatment for individuals suffering from eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, and ARFID. We follow a well established therapy model for treating eating disorders that integrates individual, group, and family therapy. The Toledo Center is located in a modern, spacious and tranquil setting in Sylvania, Ohio – a historic suburb of Toledo, Ohio. The facility was designed to provide an attractive, and safe alternative to hospital or hospital-based programs.

    Note: We do not accept Medicare or Medicaid.

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    Our Programs

    We believe each client’s eating disorder and life experience is unique, therefore, we provide customized treatment for each client. We tailor treatment plans to meet the unique needs of each client. As your partner, we provide ongoing guidance and assessment to help navigate your recovery journey.

    Partial Hospitalization Program

    Partial Hospitalization Program

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    Adolescent Residential Program

    Adolescent Residential Program

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    Evidence-based, Compassionate Care.

    Toledo Center is the place for you or your loved one to find freedom from their eating disorder. We provide compassionate, evidence-based care that is designed to support long term recovery.

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    What Makes Us Unique?

    Admission Information

    Selecting the right treatment provider and committing to care is a hard decision. We are here to help, learn more about our admission process.

    Alycia Aldieri

    National Director of Eating Disorder Admission

    Tayler Bowen

    Intake Specialist


    What Alumni and Families are Saying

    We take pride in being available, present, and compassionate in all client interactions. No matter your state of mind or particular need in a situation, we are here to support you.

    C Taylor

    I have nothing but great things to say about this place. My daughter’s experience was positive from admission to discharge. I was so nervous leaving her 8 hours away from home, but the staff here treated her as their own. I was kept informed on how she was doing and was able to participate in weekly family counseling with her and her counselor and also had sessions with her dietician.

    They worked with us financially which showed me they really cared about our child and not just money. Our daughter came home stronger and wiser because of her time there and the effort their staff makes for each person. They helped her work hard to overcome her fear foods, restore her weight and most importantly begin living! They oversaw her transition from RTC to PHP and now she is back home participating in IOP sessions.

    Highly recommend their program! Thank you to all of the staff for helping our daughter and treating her as whole person and not just another number.

    C Taylor

    E Miller

    What are some areas to consider if Toledo Center would be a good fit? You might want good communication from staff. You might want a compassionate team to show they care. You might want a competent treatment team to ensure safety of yourself or your loved one. You might want a creative team to meet you or a loved where you/they are at. No treatment center will be perfect so you might want a treatment center that is fully committed to problem solving to ensure any issues are resolved. All these and more are areas Toledo Center delivered to help my family and did it at a high level.

    I am very impressed with Toledo Center. Every staff person my family had contact with was helpful and resourceful. Our child shared example after example where the staff helped in specific areas. Most of all, when I went to pick up my child, a sparkle that had been gone for years has returned. A solid foundation has been built with the help of Toledo Center and the future is bright. If you or a family member is considering Toledo Center, I hope this review helps you make a decision to move forward-I highly recommend Toledo Center for Eating Disorders.

    E Miller

    M Drapeau

    The intake with Taylor was so good, I thought this place was “to good to be true” (especially after a disaster with a metro-Chicago clinic). Turns out, in 8 weeks, they saved my daughters life! So, not all clinics are the same. Toledo is small, has a professional chef on-site, a dietician who connects and lovingly challenges the ED Monster. The executive director has been there for 20 years and knows her stuff – she’s clearly in it for the patients.

    If the work is put in with sincere self-motivation, 100% parental guidance and support, and post residential care – you will see the light!

    M Drapeau

    Take the Eat-26

    The EAT-26 is the most widely cited standardized self-report screening measure that may be able to help you determine if you have an eating disorder that needs professional attention. Click the box below for immediate and anonymous feedback.

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    Odyssey Eating Disorder Network

    Across our eating disorder network, we meet clients where they are in their recovery and provide the necessary therapeutic techniques to empower sustainable freedom. Our expert clinical teams help clients understand recovery is possible by using individualized treatment plans comprised of a combination of evidence-based treatment modalities.

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