Psychodynamic Therapy

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Psychodynamic therapy helps the therapist and client to identify behavior and thought patterns. As clients begin to identify patterns, they can also begin to reveal the causes of the patterns or core issues, providing insight into the origin of their eating disorder behavior.

In addition, psychodynamic therapy can be an effective way of revealing a client’s defense mechanisms such as thoughts, behaviors, and actions. Once these defense mechanisms are identified, they become less effective and make it easier to treat the real issue.

Psychodynamic therapy acts as more of a freeform session, as clients can direct the conversation where they think it needs to go. Therapists may find it beneficial to let the client expand on a topic, allowing the them to feel more in control of the conversation. Clients may often feel vulnerable as they reveal and discuss their issues but acknowledging and admitting to their hurt and pain is an important part of the healing process.

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