Motivational Interviewing

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Motivational interviewing encourages clients to take control and push for needed change, giving clients a greater feeling of power in their lives. This talk therapy stems from the believe that change takes place in five distinct stages.
  1. Pre-contemplation: In this stage clients are unaware they suffer from an eating disorder or they are aware but have no desire to change.
  2. Contemplation: Clients may be considering making a change in their life but have not made any concrete decisions just yet. During this stage clients are encouraged to discuss what specific changes they need to make.
  3. Preparation: Clients may be preparing for change, but it is an inconsistent action.
  4. Action: This stage often takes place during the recovery program where clients make steady, effective, and consistent changes that help them work toward improving their health.
  5. Maintenance: In the final stage, clients work to avoid relapse and maintain their overall health.
What-if scenarios are also used in motivation interviewing. During these scenarios, clients discuss their options and determine the solutions that will best help them. These discussions make it easier to make the right choices during stressful situations. Because there is often ambivalence in eating disorder recovery, motivational interviewing can be one of the most powerful forms of therapy to prompt the change necessary for healing.

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