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Innovation. Outcomes. Compassion.

At Toledo Center for Eating Disorders, we take an innovative approach to guide you on your journey. We use evidence-based approaches to best help each individual and understand that many people may struggle with ambivalence or motivation. Our staff understands that many people may struggle with ambivalence and motivation, for this reason, they provide compassionate care to help guide clients and their loved ones through recovery. We treat all genders, ages 12 and over, helping each person to reclaim their life, their health, and their future. 

Toledo Center is located in a peaceful and private setting on the banks of a picturesque 10-Mile Creek. Our location provides a unique, therapeutic environment that is conducive to recovery. The spacious and tranquil setting is just one example of the Toledo Center difference. 

Individualized Treatment Plans

Since each eating disorder is unique, an individualized treatment plan is developed and customized for each client. Your treatment plan is tailored to meet your specific needs, based on the initial assessment and presentation. The clinical team will collaborate with you and then apply a framework of evidence-based treatment principles. Treatment plans are periodically revised as progress and changes occur in treatment.  As part of your treatment experience, you will learn how to eliminate symptoms and  by identifying and resolving the emotional issues that have contributed to unhealthy coping behaviors. The recovery process will help you develop positive coping skills that will guide you to freedom.

Interdisciplinary Care

Eating disorders are complex health problems that require a highly skilled interdisciplinary team to help you to access, treat, manage and optimize your recovery. The compassionate staff at Toledo Center for Eating Disorders include an experienced psychiatrist, family practice physicians,  registered nurses , registered dietitian, master’s level therapists, licensed social workers, educators, and specially trained residential staff.  Each member of our team works collaboratively to ensure best practices in your treatment. We work diligently with medical consultants including cardiologists, endocrinologists, gastroenterologists, and internal medicine to ensure seemless care. 

At Toledo Center, we are dedicated to helping adolescents in our program continue their education while in treatment. We provide tutoring and coordinate with schools, so clients can continue their academic growth while in eating disorder treatment.

Start your recovery process with Toledo Center.

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