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At Toledo Center, we recognize the value of other forms of therapy, including activities that immerse clients in action in order to gain new skills to help them solve problems and learn new behaviors. Experiential therapy can benefit clients who have trouble talking about problematic issues. Clients can often become traumatized, angry, or agitated during talk therapy, and experiential therapy gives them an alternate way to express their feelings.
There are various types of experiential therapy, and we tailor activities to best meet the client’s preference and personality. Some activities include:
Experiential therapy helps clients take a proactive approach in dealing with stressful situations and negative emotions. They learn new responses that make a considerable difference and understand better ways to communicate. Learning that their emotions don’t have to overwhelm them helps to contribute to greater self-awareness, better coping skills, and higher confidence levels.

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LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Eating Disorder Treatment

Toledo Center is an LGBTQIA+ inclusive environment. At our treatment center, we treat clients with diverse gender identities. Our philosophy at Toledo Center is that a welcoming and inclusive environment is crucial to the recovery and healing process for all. We’re proud to be an LGBTQ+ affirming environment, meeting every client where they are with compassion and collaboration.