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Our programs strongly emphasize group therapy because it provides an opportunity for clients to learn from interactions with others who share similar feelings and experiences. We are a primarily group-based program as group therapy gives clients support and plays a key role in recovery by providing hope, reassurance, and understanding.
Clients attend group therapy sessions twice daily. Group therapy varies on topic and intensity, as some groups are primarily educational in nature while others address the specific therapeutic issues that pertain to individual group participants. It is important to address the core issues of the disorder in an effort to become free of the illness. Some groups may be more recreational or experiential and some may be more topical. There are numerous group topics that can be offered, some of which include:
Odyssey Behavioral Healthcare’s AVP of Clinical Services, Kate Fisch, LCSW, discusses group therapy and eating disorder treatment at Toledo Center.
This list is by no means exhaustive as there are many topics relating to core issues that are addressed throughout the treatment process. Clients may feel reluctant at first to talk in groups, but we have learned that group therapy sessions are one of the most helpful aspects of our eating disorder treatment program.
At Toledo Center, we are sensitive to age, maturity and the needs of our clients and ensure they are getting the most beneficial experience possible. We frequently ask clients for feedback/requests on the topics they think would be most helpful to them while in treatment. This helps to create a more useful experience of their time in treatment and to give them tools to support them as they integrate back into life after leaving treatment.

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LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Eating Disorder Treatment

Toledo Center is an LGBTQIA+ inclusive environment. At our treatment center, we treat clients with diverse gender identities. Our philosophy at Toledo Center is that a welcoming and inclusive environment is crucial to the recovery and healing process for all. We’re proud to be an LGBTQ+ affirming environment, meeting every client where they are with compassion and collaboration.