As a parent, understanding the key aspects of eating disorder treatment is crucial for helping your child navigate this difficult journey. It’s important to stay informed and empowered to make the best decisions for your child’s well-being.
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Toledo Center is set in a peaceful and private setting on the banks of a picturesque 10-mile creek. Our location provides a unique, therapeutic environment that is conducive to recovery. The spacious and tranquil setting is just one example of the Toledo Center difference.
At Toledo Center, we take an innovative approach to guide clients and their families on their journeys. We use evidence-based approaches to best help each individual and understand that many people struggle with ambivalence or motivation. We provide compassionate care to help guide clients and their families through recovery. We treat all genders, ages 10 and older, helping each person reclaim their life, their health, and their future. Additionally, our child and adolescent treatment programs have a measured approach to schoolwork, dedicating time within the program without allowing this to impede the recovery process.
As one of the top residential eating disorder treatment centers in the US, Toledo Center can help you or your loved one find the path to a better life. Looking for Treatment?

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Toledo Center accepts most major medical/behavioral health insurance and treatment rates vary based on the level of care. We do not accept Medicaid or Medicare. The cost of treatment depends on the length of stay and level of care for treatment.
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