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Adult Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Our PHP is a 7 hour a day program that runs 7 days per week. Partial hospitalization treatment offers the option of independent living arrangements in dormitory-style rooms in or near the main facility, for clients that live locally they may have the option of commuting to the program on a daily basis. Independent living has a high level of client acceptance when combined with PHP treatment because it provides sufficient structure and the opportunity for peer support without the disadvantages of constant staff monitoring.

PHP offers clients the support and skills needed for lasting recovery. Our comprehensive treatment program offers clients evidence-based therapy balanced with activities aimed at enhancing mindfulness. Yoga and expressive therapies help to encourage healing and the development of new modes of self-expression.  Independent living arrangements also allow clients to practice “real world” activities such as shopping, meal planning, eating on weekends, and socializing with others.

Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

For our teens who live locally, they may commute to the program and spend the overnights at home, practicing their new skills in their home environment. For those that live farther away, we have created treatment plans that allow them to stay at Toledo Center but have access to practice skills outside of the facility.

We also welcome the families of our adolescent clients to come into town for weekend visits. Locally, there is a Ronald McDonald House for families to access and allow their child to build confidence eating outside of the structured environment of Toledo Center. This often helps bridge the transition to home by preparing them for the “real world” eating with their families and loved ones.


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