“I will never be able to thank Toledo Center enough for the help they so readily extended to me when I needed it. I entered the first time in 2012, but I wasn’t quite ready to be open and do it for myself. I returned in 2013, open and ready for true change and health. The entire staff was patient, understanding, and compassionate- all while being direct and pushing me a little more each day to step out of my comfort zone and into healing. My individual therapist has been a constant source of reasoning, support, guidance and compassion for years and years, and the rest of the staff continues to ask how I’m doing and show they care even years after my stay. I can genuinely say that, if you are willing to put in the work, this place and its staff will work wonders in your life. I could not be more thankful for the health and beautiful life I now have thanks to RCC. My daughter has a strong, healthy, happy mother because of the great things that happen at Toledo Center.