Grateful Parent of a Former Client

The Executive Director and her staff were beyond incredible. In a relatively short period time, we saw an absolute transformation in our child. It was like a dark cloud was lifted. ED is a scary disease, and we still have a long way to go but for the first time in a long time, our family has hope for a brighter future for our child. Dropping your child off in treatment can be a terrifying experience. The staff put us all at ease immediately upon arrival and continued to toe the line with constant communication. We were contacted by a member of the staff with updates about every three days. Each staff member was patient and answered all our questions with professionalism and a breadth and depth of knowledge that surprised us every time. My husband and I happen to work in this industry, so we walked into this process with a discerning eye. We came away from this experience wanting to shout from the rooftops about just how great this place is. Every employee our child interacted with, was in it with their whole heart. Great treatment has everything to do with the staff and who leads the staff. This group of professionals were beyond amazing. We can’t say enough about this place. Thank you, Toledo Center, for giving our son a fighting chance at a better life.