E Miller

What are some areas to consider if Toledo Center would be a good fit? You might want good communication from staff. You might want a compassionate team to show they care. You might want a competent treatment team to ensure safety of yourself or your loved one. You might want a creative team to meet you or a loved where you/they are at. No treatment center will be perfect so you might want a treatment center that is fully committed to problem solving to ensure any issues are resolved. All these and more are areas Toledo Center delivered to help my family and did it at a high level.

I am very impressed with Toledo Center. Every staff person my family had contact with was helpful and resourceful. Our child shared example after example where the staff helped in specific areas. Most of all, when I went to pick up my child, a sparkle that had been gone for years has returned. A solid foundation has been built with the help of Toledo Center and the future is bright. If you or a family member is considering Toledo Center, I hope this review helps you make a decision to move forward-I highly recommend Toledo Center for Eating Disorders.