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Back to School During Eating Disorder Recovery

Back to School While Maintaining Eating Disorder Recovery Returning to school while maintaining recovery from an eating disorder can be both overwhelming and challenging. We, at Toledo Center, are here and ready to help. Our mission is to support and accommodate our clients and families by providing a flexible environment that offers a programming structure …

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Embracing Recovery in Everyday Life

What to do Once Eating Disorder Treatment is Over At Toledo Center for Eating Disorders, our goal is sustained recovery and ensuring a foundation of a seamless continuity of care. We provide comprehensive aftercare planning and remain connected through appropriate continuing care coordination. Through aftercare planning, our dedicated team of professionals works collaboratively with clients …

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Can Yoga Help Treat Eating Disorders?

Are there links between body image, physical activity and eating disorders? Stories and research from decades ago have shown that competitive sports can encourage the development of eating disorders. In the 1990’s, Sports Illustrated articles openly discussed the deadly impact of anorexia on women athletes. Yet, roughly twenty years later, this problem still exists in …

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Body Weight and the Diet Cycle

According to research from Harvard Medical School, eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia and binge eating, afflict more than 30 million Americans, while millions more experience disordered eating and weight control behaviors. This statistic is even more sobering when one considers the fact that eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric disorder …

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