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Eating Disorder Symptoms

When many people picture an eating disorder, they tend to imagine someone who significantly limits their food intake or engages in self-induced vomiting. However, there are several different types of eating disorders in our society. There is an estimated 35 million Americans suffering from eating disorders, ranging from food aversion to body dissatisfaction. Without a …

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Child looking at partial cupcake - River Centre Clinic

Childhood Eating Problems & Adolescents Eating Disorders

Many parents are familiar with children who are picky eaters. In fact, for babies, this is often a normal eating behavior. As children age, they start to develop their own personal food preferences. However, as children grow older an overly selective eating behavior could be a sign of deeper health concerns. Many people are not …

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Childhood Eating Problems Program

Toledo Center offers outpatient programming for children with eating difficulties. Childhood can be full of different phases and eating changes. Although this is fairly common behavior, it can leave parents feeling troubled. Disturbances in feeding become problematic when it causes the child to become upset or worry and when he or she is not eating …

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